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Are you looking for a safe space with like minded individuals?


Do you love freelance life but yearn for more connection to your peers? 


Do you struggle setting goals and sticking to them?


I am launching a brand new membership programme - THE CREATIVE WAYS COLLECTIVE.


A membership packed full of knowledge, accountability, masterclasses, co-working sessions and above all COMMUNITY. 


Have you found your people? Your tribe?


Well now you have
So, what is included?

💖 Monthly masterclass with me and guest experts

💖 Co-working sessions with me and your fellow creatives

💖 Workbooks and worksheets

💖 Accountability threads

💖 Private facebook community

💖 Access to Emma for pep talks, advice and feedback on Voxxer for half a day each Friday

💖 Peer critics on design work and products

💖 Exclusive podcast episodes and behind the scenes nuggets of joy! 

Focussing on a different topic each month, we will inspire you, lift you up and provide the tools for you to make it in the design industry. 

PLUS if you join this month, you will be in the inner circle, meaning you get to have a part of Creative Collective beginnings and in how this membership is created.


I want to know what YOU need as a designer and would love any and all feedback on what to include. 


I get it, you’ve probably joined lot’s of memberships and groups since the beginning of lockdown, but here is your chance to tailor a membership to the actual wants and needs of budding designers. 


Are you in? Let’s go! 

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