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the path to success or failure

Is the same path

You’ve just got to stay on it

I’m here to help you do

just that!

I love running especially in the woods, sewing, painting and heaps of summer festivals. When I’m not recording my podcast, coaching or designing, I can be found dancing around the kitchen with my two crazy kids.

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I’m a U.K based Surface Pattern Designer and Creative Coach who loves bold colours, patterns and well, life!

I’ve been lucky enough to draw and paint for 20 years now, for the stationary and bedding industry. I’ve designed in house for 3 big international companies and I’ve also been a design manager, looking after the huge Sainsbury’s account across many seasons for 9 years. I now freelance, painting, sewing or designing digitally from my cute studio in Derbyshire

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Creative Ways Podcast

I started the podcast to help people feel less alone on their creative journey. I wanted to create a safe space to chat about all the things!  

What it takes to live a fully creative life and feel truly aligned at home and in business, as to fully step into our purpose means balancing everything on the daily

I wanted creatives to remember its more than a job or hobby, it’s a calling, a purpose and this deserves doing the work each day and week to feel fore filled, and when we do ?

Well it’s just infectious isn’t it?

I’m on a mission to help as many creatives as I can

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