You don't need to take this path alone!

I'll be by your side, your creative coach, your mentor with a difference, 

your actual cheerleader.

I help you get back to your inner creative dreams and turn them into success.


I know how lonely and daunting the creative world can be, you have all of the best intentions, sign up to lots of memberships, listened to heaps of podcasts to then get so overwhelmed, either freeze or produce work you’re not in love with.


You may have taken lots of courses and not finished them, spent years wanting to get that portfolio ready to send out, having all of the best intentions but falling out of love, losing your vision in the process.


I’ve got your back.


We will get to the real issues and unblock what’s actually holding you back.

Do you want...

More ease and joy in your business 


To create a business that’s more purposeful and in line with your values 

A different narrative


To feel more connected to your burning desires, the huge one you didn’t dare to dream!



3 month package: £2970 

6 month package: £5810


What's included...

  • Discovery questionnaire before our first session.

  • 60 minute coaching sessions via Zoom - every fortnight.

  • Personalised road map to a life designed with you for a more creatively fulfilled living.

  • Take away actions to complete in between our sessions.

  • Additional reading, resources, recommendations and workbooks.

I have watched my clients achieve incredible things...

Get hired by both an online card company and an internal art agent in the same week.


Write and illustrate a book


Paint and launch a big collection of large canvases internationally in less than 4 months


Put together a strong portfolio for the packaging industry 


After 20 years of parenting, stepping back into the surface pattern designer she was when she graduated, produced 4 full 2022 trend collections


A pivot in style for licensing side of creative business


Wrote and recorded a new album – and got featured on BBC3

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