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Have you been Convinced that the Law of Attraction works for everyone but YOU?

You know what you SHOULD be doing but never feel inspired or motivated to take action?


Here is the reason why...there is much more than ONE law of the universe.

It can get frustrating when we can’t manifest what we want, we try vision boards, visualisation technics, journaling and much more but don’t realise that we can be actively blocking and worse - still harming the attraction of our desires. 

These 12 laws are based on quantum.

In all seasons and sounds everything is a frequency, a vibration. All connected, learning how to navigate, shift and align. Any changes thrown at you will happen at the speed and ease you are experiencing internally. 


We get to choose, we have control over our world and desires.


You get to decide and choose the impact your thoughts have on your life.


Energy matches energy.

This intensive group masterclass is for purposeful, soulful creatives who are ready to shift into abundance!





To finally get paid to be unapologetically you.






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I hear so many of you say you "can’t manifest", that it hasn't happened despite years of reading and vision boards...

"How can my little business make me abundant?"


"Maybe I’m being selfish, I’m a mum now I need to get real! "


"Should I really be asking for money when the world is struggling?"

It is amazing how so many of our beliefs are so deep-rooted they are in our blind spots and constantly stop us from shining into the brightest warmest most generous versions of ourselves. 

You blame everything and everyone else for all the reasons why you just aren’t getting what you put on your vision board every year.

Stuck in a cycle of scarcity, and now you’re not just fed up: you’ve got a creative block too.

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I'm so pleased I signed up for coaching and mentoring with Emma. It's one of the best decisions I've made in my life!


For years I wanted to launch my creative product business but somehow just kept going round in circles not getting anywhere. Before working with Emma, I was paralysed with self-doubt and couldn’t understand why I struggled with motivation to achieve my creative dreams.


This all changed after working with Emma. I feel unstoppable now! I've made more progress in 6 months than I did in the previous 10 years! I can't thank Emma enough and feel privileged to be a coaching client.

- Sarah Edwards


I get asked...



Emma, why isn’t it actually happening? What am I missing?


You can feel it in your soul the story and impact you want to create for your business.


But plateau in sales, the sound of crickets in your email box and DM’s have left you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted 


Fed up of hearing about another platform to learn, one more hoop to jump through - and don’t forget to post each day?!

You're feeling...

👉🏻 Like you're battling heaps of self doubt, fear of failure, and sick of worrying about what other people in your industry are thinking.


👉🏻  You’re about to wobble, inconsistent and scrappy with your marketing and messaging, and feel so awkward about showing up to sell yourself, putting it off another day seems to be the only pattern you’re completing each day. Sometimes for the simple reason, you’re just tired of comparing yourself and the noise of podcast and webinars in your head is, well, just noise!


👉🏻  And when you do, get back to your desk that 'comparisonitis' leaves you feeling rubbish anyway.


👉🏻  You didn’t set out to feel more alone and feel like you’re working harder and longer than you did in your old job.


👉🏻  And yet you don’t know what that missing part is. The only way to fully step into your business and make it work for you is to know that you are the golden sparkly nugget, you have the wisdom, the knowing. The quicker you invest and take ownership of this, the easier, your life will be.

Selling With Heart & Soul is perfect for you if...

💖 You’re already running your creative business and you’re ready to fully step into the life you desire, apologetically.

💖 You’re passionate about the work you do and you know your value and worth.


💖 You’re ready now, it’s time.


💖 You know that the more your business grows, the more impact you have on the people you care about. You’re here to create life-changing impact on the lives of your loved ones, clients and community.

It is not for you if...

🙅🏼‍♀️ You don’t need more sales 


🙅🏼‍♀️ You don’t need to align with your inner non-apologetic feminine power


🙅🏼‍♀️ You feel happy with where your business is heading  


🙅🏼‍♀️ You feel your money game is great, you don’t need to learn from Money Mavens 7 figure mindset

🙅🏼‍♀️ Your business is already aligned and balanced with your family and downtime passions

Be the magnetic energy...


Be the one who changes the energy when you leave the room. Be present.


Be open to give and receive, this isn’t self-help. This is opening for the divine. 


Make room to allow more in – soul and physical, with confidence and knowing that the true you is the only way your life will become richer. 


You will feel fully supported to finally get out of your own way

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We need a village to grow- to lift and hold each other, to motivate, inspire and support - step by step.

What it's like to work with me...

Meet AmberAmber knew there was more she could offer the world but all she could do was scroll her social media, she didn’t know why she was feeling like this. After hearing Ambers’ blocks, we quickly shifted the plan to the mindset and daily strategies so Ambers’s foundations – her belief system and habits - were growing. Ambers now designs full-time for global textiles leader in furnishing fabrics Ashley Wild!


Meet Jane  Jane was a teacher in Australia, although she knew her paintings would sell, she still had to work through limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome in the art world. We worked on her mindset and cleared her path to  massive success -  selling out her paintings to top sought-after galleries in Sydney, Melbourne and Europe and running painting retreats from her stunning studio – all created and built through a global pandemic.

Meet Courtney  Courtney knew she wanted to take huge action and invest in a salon of her own, she wanted to rent out chairs for hairdressers and professionals who can offer cosmetic treatments. Through our coaching I guided Courtney through the mindset blocks she needed to smash down to be able to take this big, scary leap and open her salon through lockdown. 

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Emma is nothing short of a real-life angel!

I knew I needed a coach to help me when I was thinking about leaving my safe well-paid job managing a team of beauticians in a highly sought-after salon.

I felt nurtured right away and was given a clear pathway and daily strategies which I still use religiously. But more than the tasks, I felt Emma had my back.


Even on the days when I didn’t have a session, Emma would always make time to get back to me, her positivity and knowledge of universal laws and daily mindset practices would always light me up too. I’m now in my second salon and Emma is coaching me with my next hugely exciting project!’

- Courtney Sherlock

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Why me?



Host of the successful ‘Creative Ways Podcast’ who has worked in the industry for 21 years as a design manager, creative coach and lecturer: I have seen every aspect of a design career.


Previously managing for high street Sainsbury’s and Tigerprint / M&S, I have a vast commercial knowledge and a real passion for design.


Also, a teacher and coach, I am renowned for my encouraging and positive nature. Sole parent to two ADHD bright sparkly forces, I knows what it means to juggle a lot of things at once! 

More than all of this though...

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Using my successful mixture of mindset coaching, goal setting tricks and the result based combination that is; a fusion of manifestation tools and ancient practices gathered from my trips around the world, staying with tribesmen in Africa, Shamanic medicine women in Peru, Bolivia’s Amazon jungle, Brazils Favelas, climbing China’s stunning mountains, Cambodia, monks in Japan and not forgetting mediation with Gurus in India!


(Note: this all sounds very first-world, what if I told you as a working-class town girl who had only been to France in a caravan as a teenager. I travelled 5 Continents/26 countries all for less than 4 thousand pounds!)


I’ve never been the smartest or the most talented, in any of my achievements.


So what’s my secret sauce? 


Truly studying the other laws of the universe – that is the key.


Shock horror - Law of attraction is not enough!


I will show you exactly how it’s done with certainty and unapologetic courage that’s so bright and sparkly, your people will not wait to jump on board and join your party - that business you’ve truly desired all along!


Whatever your dream is, this is the only way you’ll ever get there...

💖 Backing yourself, FULLY

💖 Truly releasing what’s holding you back (if you were being honest it would of gone, honey)

💖 Reveal your true dreams and desires

💖 Being fully held and cheered on taking all of the scary action and manifesting it.

Have you known about the Law of attraction but can’t understand why you aren’t getting any results?


Is not your fault…

Law of attraction is only 1 universal law – there are 11 others.

Just learning about the famous ever so TRENDY manifestation means you could be actively slowing down your true desires


You believe that if we can’t manifest what we want instantly, then we may as well just give up and not even try.


Not only Is this frustrating it’s actually damaging your inner creative confidence and gifts you have to bless our planet.

I am a master mindset coach, creative success strategist, NLP practitioner, master CREATIVE SUCCESS techniques practitioner.

I’ve been studying the Law of Attraction, manifestation & the power of the subconscious mind for over 17 years. 



So what is included?


Discover the 12 universal Laws

Did you know that the law of attraction isn’t enough? Not just that you could be harming your manifestation? This is why people give up. They don’t see results in first vision board and give up. Just saying ‘Energy meets energy’ or ‘just think happy thoughts’ this not enough! I will explain each of the laws in detail AND share with you exactly how to apply all 12 so that you can see the success you know is waiting for you. Includes live interactive zoom workshop and workbook to track your progress.


Module 1

Decluttering limiting beliefs, releasing Petti Tarrants, detaching from pre-generational stories that’s holding you back. Recognising vampires, releasing old stories that no longer serve you. Daily video prompts to work on and guide you safely. Includes live interactive zoom and workbook to track your progress

Module 2

Clear and Cleanse Transformation. Physically and energetically clearing and shifting what’s holding you back – your blind spots in your home and life. Looking at NLP practices and tried and tested mindset techniques, to clear the fear and resentment, infused with Shamanic practices and rituals that will stimulate the senses, inspire and add joy back into your home and family.

Module 3

Deepening and Owning your Ambition. Name your poison, visit your internal cave shining a light on your darkest fears to show you how powerless it is proving re-affirming just much you have evolved and grown. Working on detachment and staying unapologetically focused on your path

Module 4

Owning your Power to creatively Serve. Trusting and backing yourself takes daily work. At the end of this course we wil be entering our last quarter of the year…. 90 day planning – We will strategise your next 90 day quarter as a clear and focused confident entrepreneur. So we can track your success with the ease and fun you deserve.

You will get :


👉🏻 Daily video prompts to work on and guide you safely


👉🏻 Weekly Live interactive zoom and workbook to track your progress with Emma 


Plus BONUS Sessions with guest experts...


Money Mindset with The Money Mavens - Charlotte Balbier, Multi- Seven Figure Brand Builder and Josie May, Global Six Figure Business Coach. Teach business, manifesting, money mindset, how to make more sales with ease and flow

Breath Work with Reiki Master and healer Wise Woman of the Woods 

Shamanic Cord cutting and meditation with Shamanic healer and holistic health and art therapist Angela Sandland from Deerheart Woman.


31st October




2 x £120 payment plan

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Emma is such an amazing mentor and coach to have as a constant contact. 

Her vast experience shows in a way she talks about the industry and creativity.


She is so kind and generous with her knowledge and feedback and is such a joy to be around.


Her workshops are full of valuable insight.

- Anastasia Kuprina

ALISON  .jpg

Working with Emma on a one-to-one basis has really given me a different mind-set towards my work. At the start of this journey, I felt there were clear objectives which I wanted to achieve but some personal issues were letting me get in the way of achieving them.

- Magpahi

LOUISE  copy.jpg

Emma is so supportive, down to earth and inspiring and there's always someone in the group who can help you solve a problem or act as a sounding board for you. 


It has spurred me on to unblock my creativity and conker stumbling blocks that were holding me back from putting myself out there, gain more clients and show people what I can do.


I'm now feeling a lot more equipped and inspired to reach my creative goals.

- Louise Broadstock

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