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A three month business growth capsule for creative entrepreneurs who are ready to up-level and make MASSIVE moves in their creative business with full support.


Helping you feel ease and flow...

(the only way to create the juicy stuff... making your art sell and work for you!)


This application only mastermind (I like to call it more of a wolfpack) is created to unlock your TRUE potential, your individual gifts that not one other soul has on earth, to take the action that you have been dreaming of. 

Feeling fully supported, you will be taking inspired action each and every day, putting the FUN back into your collections, pitching to brands, reaching out to new clients - the whole time feeling fully aligned with your work.

LOUISE  copy.jpg

I first found Emma's podcasts via Instagram and have been listening ever since, they have certainly spurred me on in my own creative journey, so when she launched the Creative Collective, I jumped at the chance to be part of her 'inner circle' and it hasn't disappointed.


I can assure you Emma has totally got your back; she has created such a close knit and uplifting group. As a creative it's so important to be part of a group of other creatives who are on a similar journey and wavelength to cheer you on and totally 'get you'. Emma is so supportive, down to earth and inspiring and there's always someone in the group who can help you solve a problem or act as a sounding board for you. 

Having recently left my job to focus on growing my creative work being part of the Creative Collective has created structure, regular inspiration and accountability. It has spurred me on to unblock my creativity and conker stumbling blocks that were holding me back from putting myself out there, gain more clients and show people what I can do. I'm now feeling a lot more equipped and inspired to reach my creative goals.

- Louise Broadstock

Why Emma?


Emma Isaacs - Host of the successful Creative Ways Podcast, has worked in the industry for 21 years as a designer, manager and teacher. Emma has seen every aspect of a design career... Previously a Design Manager for the huge Sainsbury account and Marks & Spencers Tiger Print, Emma has vast commercial knowledge and a real passion for design. Emma is a coach and a teacher too, renowned for her encouraging and positive nature. Mum to two children with ADHD, Emma knows what it means to juggle everything at once!



You’ve had enough of the struggle, fed up with dreaming and wishing.


It’s time to get results. Take brave bold action and design a life working for you! Finally making sales and signing contracts. You know how you want to live, not with struggle but with that magnetic spirit you know is bursting to come out to create the real magic that is your business, your life, your purpose!


Take steps on the unknown path feeling fully held and supported.

Is Creative Ways Ignite for me?

👉🏻 You're ready to step it up in 2022 and finally make your creative business a real success, not just that you want it to feel fully you, like you’re getting paid to be you each day! You want to fully step into your creative vision with a magnetic unapologetic voice.

👉🏻 You can feel the next level is there waiting patiently for you, but you need full accountability and proper hands-on guidance.

👉🏻 You still have so many blooming ideas, and with this extra support you know will actually move your business and grow to new heights.

👉🏻 You haven't got an actual true clear path of how to achieve your goals day to day, so you’re chipping away in the one direction. You often feel like you’re still scraping by with a feeling of hustle rather than joy.

👉🏻 You're getting really frustrated now that the Success you know you deserve hasn’t blooming happened yet, no matter how hard you’re working and the spark is feeling more of a flipping burn.

👉🏻 You want to learn from someone who’s not just got decades of international industry experience, but who is still current and actively making sales in the design world.

👉🏻 You’re really done now with taking more online courses, programmes and different shiny new Facebook groups and mentors. You’re now ready to feel safe and seen in a fully supported, truly accountable, and deeply connected by a coach and mentor who knows your business personally.

👉🏻 You want to learn how to tell your individual story authentically to show your true spirit, so your brand has that added secret sauce that only you can deliver

👉🏻 You want to create art and content you’re actually proud of, the stuff that feels exciting, more you, you want to consistently feel true to your core values – in ease and flow.

👉🏻 You want to feel aligned in your business and your life because you know if everything is in flow, you create with ease and passion.

You have the power to change EVERYTHING and carve out your future.

If a seed doesn't grow, we don't blame the seed - it's the environment!

Emma is here to support you in paving out that journey to success in your creative business and not just an artist as you believe you are, but instead a...

Creative, confident business owner.


“I joined Emma’s creative ways collective as I really needed a creative support network, encouragement and the motivation to get my work out there. Emma is so generous and is like a personal cheerleader cheering you on. She really believes in you and gives you the motivation to push yourself, to email those clients that you would love to work for. Through Emma’s help I have been able to work with a dream client and I can’t wait to continue putting my work out into the world, doing what I really love for my career! I would recommend Emma’s coaching to anyone who is in a bit of a creative rut and needs that push out of their comfort zone!”

- Chloe Fea

So, what is included?


3 Months of high touch support

Group calls, 1:1 coaching sessions and a Whatsapp group for support in between calls.

Monthly Training Masterclass


Guest entrepreneurs and Industry insiders will be sharing their skills and lessons learnt with up-to-date top strategies and workbooks, all with intimate Q&A time too. With only a few people picked you will get your questions answered with actual advice.

Members Portal

All the coaching sessions, guest entrepreneurs’ workshops, calls, workbooks and trainings will be saved in your personal members portal with lifetime access.


Group Whatsapp Support


You will have extra support in between sessions where you can share your wins, ask questions and create strong support with this intimate group. Emma will be there to help and support throughout the week too (Monday – Friday)

1:1 Coaching

You will receive two 1:1 session’s over the 12 week programme to create your tailored road map designed personally for you and your business!!




If you apply before Friday 25th March, I will add in a bonus 1:1 coaching call so that we can get you started right away with clear vision and plans before the mastermind even blooming starts!


I have had coaching with Emma for some time now. I highly recommend her as a coach. Emma is really committed to others continuous professional development. With all her working design experience over the years and currently working as freelancer in design Emma has great empathy and understanding of what it is to be a professional creative. She really encourages you wholeheartedly, to develop as a creative person in getting your work out there in whatever creative genre your working in, to develop good habits of working and be the best you can be, and that you can achieve what it is you want to achieve with your creative endeavours.

- Lisette Coates

Are you ready for 







£1500 pay in full


3 x £550 monthly payments

This mastermind will be an intimate group with limited spaces, so apply sooner rather than later!!

Get Results Or Your Money Back Guarantee!

I've worked with hundreds of clients now and seen them get HUGE results.


And I know 100% if you do the homework, you will get results too.

So I'll offer you this guarantee... if you do all the homework & don't see any results... I'll give you your money back.

So you can make this purchase with peace-of-mind knowing that you'll get a great return on your investment! 

ANA .jpg

Emma is such an amazing mentor and coach to have as a constant contact. 

Her vast experience shows in a way she talks about the industry and creativity. She is so kind and generous with her knowledge and feedback and is such a joy to be around. Her workshops are full of valuable insight.

- Anastasia Kuprina

SARAH  copy.jpg

I'm so pleased I signed up for coaching and mentoring with Emma. It's one of the best decisions I've made in my life!


For years I wanted to launch my creative product business but somehow just kept going round in circles not getting anywhere. Before working with Emma, I was paralysed with self-doubt and couldn’t understand why I struggled with motivation to achieve my creative dreams.


This all changed after working with Emma. I feel unstoppable now! I've made more progress in 6 months than I did in the previous 10 years! I can't thank Emma enough and feel privileged to be a coaching client.


If you have creative dreams but don't seem to be making much progress, or struggle with creative confidence, I can't recommend Emma highly enough!

- Sarah Jane Edwards

ALISON  .jpg

Working with Emma on a one-to-one basis has really given me a different mind-set towards my work. At the start of this journey, I felt there were clear objectives which I wanted to achieve but some personal issues were letting me get in the way of achieving them.


With help and support from Emma I have been able to break down the details of what I need to do and prioritise! Plus, I have been able to put some of the negative thought patterns our society often conditions us with to one side.


With a slow and steady approach (which I asked for) I have been able to achieve several huge goals over the past 12 months and continue to put the working methods into practice every day which has got huge results!

- Magpahi

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